Monday, 21 October 2013

Inspired, or theft?

inspired by Picasso, giant of the 20thC.....  Man, contemplating that enigma, Woman......
They are in high relief, again, about 3inches deep, (which is mostly nose).  15" tall, 10" wide.  He should be fixed to a conservatory wall, or somewhere sheltered outside.  I dont think he would like frost.  (nor would she).

Recent work summer 2013

More new work.... Here is a semi freize.... two and a half inches deep.  The title is "Blocked" see in the first and second pictures of the unfired work -  In the final picture, which is of the fired work, she holds a white pebble in her hand.   She cant get hold of that pebble, that is held behind her.

 Here is "Sleep", resting back on a blue silk cushion!  some people have all the luck....
 This man is sitting on the dock of the bay.....
 here is "Gymnast".   Oh to stretch....

A new look at old work

A new picture of old work.  lovely little lady in bronze, seated, 6" high, she is great in a book shelf peering between books, or on a dining room table, as here, seated on a small square flint, or beside the black (volcanic) obsidian ball (a gift to me) balanced on top of a large flint i found in the garden, see pictured below, - with  two egg shaped grey stones from a greek island (also gifts!), as if her thoughts are forming,  perhaps to break open!

NEW WORK 21.10.2013

Here is a brand new work.  so fresh, as yet, unfired, i fetch it tomorrow from the kiln.  it is about 7" high, 7"deep.  the idea behind the man, woman and child, is that the child is holding the parents together, and the parents are losing their individual selves in the dynamic, as can happen..... and what then?  The child wins....

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

If you are interested in '30s New York

Take a look at this website :
belonging to my Framer John Jones.  There you may find my mother's 
fashion designs from her time at Bergdorf Goodman.  I've written a short history at the side.  I will be showing a selection of my mother's works at my
exhibition at 54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market, Mayfair May 12th-26th.